My new album ‘Hunger Made You Brave’ begins where the concept album ‘For the Wolf, a Good Meal’ ended. The last adventure took place mostly under the sea as we dug into the depths of desire and the hazards of a granted wish. This time we venture to the heavens. Through various twists and myths we explore the nature of evil, how certain truths are echoed through the ages, how a soul’s story is told through numerous faces, and how help can come from the strangest places.

*When McNeill originally emerged from the prairies of Canada, her accordion tinged songs featuring wild stories and layers of haunting looped vocals were described as Folk Noir. On ‘Hunger Made You Brave’ she seems to have crossed the line into a new genre-Space Folk. Unmistakably Wendy- with her dark twists and turns- this new recording has something more. When she goes back in time or up to the stars on a sparkling synth line and a howl- you follow. When she whispers that ‘all the rules have changed’- you believe her.

The talents of McNeill’s long time collaborators Andreas Nordell/Double Bass, Erik Nilsson/Percussion, and co producer/multi instrumentalist Christoffer Lundquist weave a unique chemistry which was captured live to tape at AGM Studio Sweden.*

Hunger Made You Brave musings...

In this part of the world tonight- through the shadows there’s a bell that’s ringing- In this part of the world tonight- there’s a growl and the softest sigh- In this part of the world tonight- there’s a child, and I see her dancing- as she pivots her face toward me- she’s kicking at stars and laughing

In this part of the world tonight- there’s a bear weightlessly lumbering- through the steps of a twice dead girl and the promise of a different world- In that part of the world tonight- there’s a river and a father crying sees wind messing with the reflection not the message that the stars are sending- "sorry for your troubles friend- but life gives and it takes- like all the beasts and elements- you need to learn to play- even the hearts of galaxies have black holes at their base- but timeless is love’s offering you’re going to be ok"-

In this part of the world tonight- a soul accepts it's failings- In this part of the world tonight- a fear becomes a friend- In this part of the world tonight- strange shapes whispering ‘freedom’ he abandons the strain of striving opens his arms and breathes in


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